My Presume!

This here is my new presume feel free to take a look and contact me if you like what you see! Also if you like this feel free to make one of your own or to share mine, after all the more this gets out there the more people will see it!


New Blog for Alpha Gamma Sigma

Many of you know that this blog has been created as part of a assignment for a public relations class in my ag communications minor. Through this blog I have learned what a blog really is. I used to think that blogs were for girls that liked to gossip or talk a lot, however I now see that they are a important part of the social media triangle. They can gain attraction to your business, purpose, or subject in ways that many other types of social media can’t. This blog is my personal blog and now that the class is over this blog will probably fade out. I don’t want to delete it and I plan to still post regularly however I will now be running a different blog that has a much more defined purpose. My new blog will be logging stories about my involvement in Missouri State University specifically in Alpha Gamma Sigma Fraternity. For my followers that wish to keep hearing from me I highly suggest following that blog also. True to my style this new blog is titled Words from an Ag Sig. My friend has already made a observation that the wandering man has found his place in Ag Sig and I hope this is true. Below I have posted a link to my new blog to make me easier to find.

Click this link to be directed to my new blog

Click this link to be directed to my new blog

Is the Devil Winning?

Sometimes this world really does frighten me on where our society is going. I am definitely not the most christian man by far but I know who I am and I am not a bad man. However some of Paul Harvey’s points that I can clearly see as a potential step downwards are applicable to myself. And this makes me scared cause we are all susceptible to society’s ways even if it is just a texting addiction.