Why should farmers and ranchers advocate for agriculture? (Video)

Couldn’t have said it better myself, this is a great blog for people to read!

Beef Runner

I think it goes without question if you’ve followed my material for very long, that I am passionate about advocating for the voice of farmers and encouraging others involved in agriculture to join the conversations. While speaking at various agriculture meetings or organization events, I sometimes get blank stares from those farmer and rancher types not already involved in agriculture advocacy. I get the normal “Why should I care to worry about what those folks think of me?” or “Social media is a young person’s game.

Why should we care to advocate for agriculture and the rural way of life?

I know this video is a promotion for Colorado Farm Bureau, but the folks with the Young Farmers and Ranchers group have a pretty good statement to make.

“Agriculture, politics, and the future of rural America is not your grandpa’s game. It is your’s and…

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One comment on “Why should farmers and ranchers advocate for agriculture? (Video)

  1. Tumbl'n T says:

    Reblogged this on Words from an Ag Sig and commented:

    As this blog progresses you will hear a lot about brotherhood and leadership however I saw this post and wanted to re-post it here because at the heart of our fraternity is agriculture and agriculture awareness is farmer’s biggest battle yet and we can all do a lot to help spread the word and agvocate!

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