This is What I’m Talking About!

I know I have already published a bit about my involvement with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation but I stumbled upon this video and it really pumped me up!


Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


Ever since I was about five years old my parents took me to local Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquets. I never really understood what it was all about or anything but I loved to put my tickets into the raffles and try to win something usually a knife. But as I grew older and I myself started hunting I quickly caught on to the importance of these events.


All the money raised at these banquets goes to restoring and preserving our American wildlife. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the United States and has pioneered the art of rehabilitating wildlife to areas where they have been depleted. They have now successfully reintroduced elk to Kentucky, Virginia, and Arkansas and are now in the process of establishing elk here in Missouri.

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Not only am I a proud member of this organization but their banquets have become a family tradition that has brought me untold joy. Not only has my family ties strengthened but I have to say that I have won my share of the raffles. So now that I am old enough to start doing things on my own I have decided to give back to this organization by volunteering my time and services.


I am now proud to have served my first Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet as a committee member. I got to help run some of my favorite raffles and help with the live auction. This year’s banquet has been one of the best banquets that I can remember. I think with this organization I have unlocked a lifelong passion and cannot wait to see what we will accomplish together in the future.